Valentine’s Day and the Language of Love

Valentine’s Day and the Language of Love

Debbie Fischer | 2/13/2016 10:33:19 PM

Identifying and responding to your spouse's love language is key to loving your spouse well on Valentine's Day and the other 364 days of the year.


"God Knows My Heart"?

Ray Rooney, Jr. | 2/12/2016 2:09:17 PM

Lent is the time to get real about sin.


Praying the Scripture Back to God

Bryan Fischer | 2/12/2016 9:11:48 AM

Prayer is not only powerful communion with God but when His own word is added into the prayer it becomes life and world changing.


Will You Take a Pledge to Vote?

Tim Wildmon | 2/11/2016 2:13:09 PM

AFA enjoins you to step forward as a faithful Christian and patriotic citizen and take a pledge to vote in 2016.


For Valentine's Day: A Prayer Commitment

Joseph Parker | 2/11/2016 1:30:18 PM

Here is a Valentine's gift idea that will have lasting and profound results!


Urge Simply Orange to No Longer Sponsor 'Teachers'

Monica Cole | 2/11/2016 9:56:08 AM

It is reprehensible that TV Land would drag such an honorable profession as teaching through the mud in its new program 'Teachers.'

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