Government Takeover of the Swine Flu
Tuesday, November 03, 2009 9:23 AM

by Bryan Fischer, AFA Director of Issues Analysis

President Obama has been warning us for months on end now about the dangers of the swine flu, reminding us to wash our hands and cough into our arms just as any well-paid nanny should. And, oh by the way, he has added, be sure to get your swine flu shot, which we, the nimble and efficient hand of government, will make sure you get.

How's that whole thing working out? Not well. According to, "only a small fraction of the 250 million doses ordered by the federal government" and "needed to vaccinate the most at-risk populations" are even available. This is after months and months of being told this is a crisis and that America's health is at risk. It's not exactly as if this snuck up on them.

Only 17 million of the 159 million doses needed for those at the greatest risk have even been shipped. But if you happen to be pregnant, are responsible for a child under the age of two, or are at elevated risk for some other reason, and you are still waiting for your vaccine, you can sleep better tonight knowing that whatever else happens, Uncle Barack is going to make sure the terrorists at Guanatanamo Bay who want to kill innocent Americans get their flu shots before you do.

Good luck, America, putting this man in charge of every last bit of your health care while he sticks his hand deeper and deeper into your wallet.