Nazis Started War Against Christmas
Wednesday, November 18, 2009 8:58 AM

by Bryan Fischer, AFA Director of Issues Analysis

According to the Daily Mail, the war on Christmas was started by the Nazis.

While the left tries to perpetuate the myth that the Nazis were right wing Christians, nothing could be further from the truth. Hitler was steeped in the occult, and even introduced a calendar late in the war that replaced every single Christian holiday with a pagan alternative.

When it came to Christmas, the Nazis urged Germans to celebrate the holy day (excuse me, "holiday") by using ornaments on their trees in the shape of swastikas and the Iron Cross, baking cookies using swastika-shaped cookie cutters, replacing St. Nicholas with an image of the Norse god Odin, and burning candles set on swastika-shaped holders.

Believe it or not, Germans produced ornaments in the shape of bombs and hand grenades. And no, I am not making that up. Not much "Peace on Earth" in that, is there?

In something emblematic of the German church's craven capitulation to the Nazi regime, German churches put up little opposition to the Nazification of Christmas. Why? Says a student of the time, "[T]hey largely kept quiet, out of fear."

The Daily Mail story refers to "the atheist Nazis, who tried to turn (Christmas) into a pagan winter solstice celebration."

Can you say "Hello, Gap?" The Gap responded to pressure from the American Family Association about the absence of "Christmas" in their advertising by producing a commercial that does mention Christmas, but then adds "Go Solstice" in the next breath.

The Nazis hated Christmas for one simple reason: it celebrates the birth of a Jew.

By the way, this suggests a new tack in our discussion about Christmas. The left hates Christmas because it celebrates the birthday of the first Christian. But isn't there something faintly anti-Semitic about that?

After all, Christians can hardly be accused of systemic racism when we believe the Savior of the world lived his life on earth as a Jew.

Even the left tries to protect the celebration of the Jewish holiday Hanukkah, which conveniently for Jewish children aced out of the whole Christmas gift thing falls near Christmas most every year. In fact, some schools with left-leaning principals will allow the display of menorahs in school buildings while forbidding nativity scenes.

But wait a minute. All the key players in the nativity scene - father, mother, child, shepherds - were Jewish. That means we can celebrate two Jewish holidays this time of year instead of just one!

I say we start reminding folks that December 25 marks the birth of the greatest Jew who ever lived, and that America is too great a country to allow anti-Semitism to rob us of the recognition of this world-shaping figure given to the world by the Jewish people.

What other Jew has had the impact on the world that this figure has had? His influence is pervasive even 2,000 years after his death. One third of the world's population calls itself by his name. If there ever was a Jewish man who deserved his own holiday, Jesus is the one.

So from now on, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. When people question whether we ought to celebrate Christmas, my response will be to express wonder that they nurse such anti-Semitic feelings in their hearts. Why, I will add, with our first post-racial president and all, I thought we were supposed to be way beyond all that racist bigotry.

And I will conclude, "I celebrate Christmas because I'm no anti-Semitic racist bigot. How about you?"