Time to Profile - American Lives Depend On It
Monday, December 28, 2009 11:07 AM

Political correctness nearly killed 290 people on Christmas Day, and Janet Napolitano, our hapless director of Homeland Security is out there saying "the system worked."

This is absurd. The mad Islamic bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, received terrorist training and instructions from Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, was in touch with militant Islamic radicals, was on our Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment database, and had been narced off by his own father who communicated his fears to U.S. authorities in November.

Re-read the official name of that database: the "Terrorist Identities" database. And Mr. Abdulmutallab was on it. What in the world are we doing letting anybody whose name is on that list board a U.S. airplane? Let 'em take a boat.

All told, there are 550,000 names on the "Terrorist Identities" database, any one of which could be the next Abdulmutallab. And we have no idea who the next one might be, and neither do Homeland Security officials. They've admitted that they didn't have enough intel, based on whatever ridiculous criteria they use, to put this guy on the no-fly list.

Do the math. Since there are just 4,000 names on the no-fly list, that leaves 546,000 thousands individuals who have reason to be placed on a "Terrorist Identities" database but who are free to come and go at will with nary a second glance from the people who are supposed to protect the domestic tranquility of the United States. Abdulmutallab had a visa good for travel to the U.S. through 2010, which means if he punked out on this trip he would have had another 12 months to work up to a second attempt.

Here's a question: what is the religious affiliation, age, and sex of the 550,000 people on the "Terrorist Identities" list? One reason we'll never know is that Homeland Security poobahs know that if the bulk of the names belong to Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 40 they would get crucified by so-called civil rights groups and they don't have the intestinal fortitude to take the heat.

What to do? We need to dispense with all the civil rights nonsense that keeps us from profiling potentially dangerous passengers and do what Israel does with it's El Al airline - relentlessly, shamelessly and unapologetically profile Muslim male passengers between the ages of 17 and 40.

Since every religiously-motivated terrorist attack on United States interests has been carried out by Muslim males in that age category, it is a form of insanity not to scrutinize with extra care any passenger who fits that profile. Once Al Gore and the nation's grandmothers start trying to blow up planes, we can start profiling them too. Until then, let's go after the guys who have proven that they want to murder innocent Americans in cold blood.

(By the way, Timothy McVeigh was an atheist when he blew up the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, so he doesn't count as a "Christian" terrorist in any way, shape or form.)

People will complain that it's racist to single out an entire group for attention like that, when we know for a fact that only a tiny minority of them represent any real danger. Fine. You tell us which ones we have to worry about, and we'll focus on them and ignore the rest. "Impossible," you will say. "There's no way to know." Precisely my point. Until you can tell us exactly which Muslim males between the ages of 17 and 40 we have to worry about, we're going to have to worry about them all.

Any Muslim male who fits the profile needs to be pulled out of line, stripped searched, wanded, exposed to bomb sniffing dogs, run through an explosive detecting device, and sent through a whole-body imaging scanner before being allowed to board a single airplane in the U.S. or bound for the U.S. They need to get to the airport far enough in advance to go through the additional screening. If they don't get there in time, tough darts. We are not going to put off the lives of ordinary Americans to wait for you.

And don't go blaming Americans for your troubles. You're only getting profiled because of your devout Muslim friends. You need to talk to them instead of us if you want hassle-free flying.

If an airport doesn't have the equipment to do that kind of screening, tough darts. You'll have to find another airport to use.

Sometime ago I flew El Al from Los Angeles to Israel. I was a male in my 40s, traveling alone. Even though I was an American Caucasian and wasn't anything close to even looking like a Muslim, I was pulled out of the line by a security official with the Israeli airline and interrogated - in an unfriendly manner, I might add - for about 10 minutes before I was allowed to board. I was pulled out of line for interrogation because I fit a key part of the El Al profile - a male of a certain age traveling solo.

Was I offended at being profiled by race, age and gender? Hardly. I wanted to go and return safely to my family, and I could care less what El Al did to make that happen. So my attitude toward Israelis security was simple: Knock yourselves out.

The solution to make the skies over the U.S. friendly enough to fly again can be stated in three words: profile, profile, profile. The security of the American people and the lives of our friends and family members depend upon it.