Danish Newspaper Says Obama is Greater Than Jesus
Tuesday, December 29, 2009 1:57 PM

Well we all knew that this day would come. We knew that someone on the left side of the political spectrum would ultimately try to compare Barack Obama to Jesus. The surprising thing comes that it was a Danish newspaper that did it. Let us remember that it was also a Danish newspaper that printed the cartoons of the Islamic prophet Muhammad that sparked rioting in 2005.


Here are some of the things that Politiken had to say about THEIR savior:


~"He is provocative in insisting on an outstretched hand, where others only see animosity.

~His tangible results in the short time that he has been active – are few and far between. His greatest results have been created with words and speeches – words that remain in the consciousness of their audience and have long-term effects.

~He comes from humble beginnings and defends the weak and vulnerable, because he can identify himself with their conditions."

~"The idea was naturally that the comparison between Jesus and Obama – which is something that the critics developed themselves – would be comical, blasphemous, or both. If such a comparison were to be made, it would, of course, inevitably be to Obama’s advantage."

They also state that if Obama's efforts (which they claim benefit the many) to those of Jesus (which they say only a few benefited from) that Obama is GREATER than Jesus.

What I want to know is this: How is any comparison made between a person who has done NOTHING and someone who has done EVERYTHING? President Obama has bowed before kings, but Jesus will have kings bowing before Him, because HE is THE King of Kings. I guess the closest comparison I could come up with would be comparing Obama to Jesus is like comparing an ant to a skyscraper, not only is one VASTLY greater than the other, but they are not even in the same category to compare!