Gay Agenda not about rights, it's about approval
Friday, January 08, 2010 8:24 AM

 Great news on the pro-family front today as the New Jersey Senate hosed same-sex marriage 20-14. This means that marriage, in the last 14 months, has lost at the polls in California and Maine and lost in state legislatures in both New York and New Jersey. The people and their elected officials don't want to tamper with the institution of marriage, which means gay activists are left with their sadly successful strategy of counting on activist judges to impose their values on the people and their representatives.

The all-out effort to get a vote on same-sex marriage in the New Jersey senate before Chris Christie becomes the state's next governor on January 19 is significant for another reason. It has been my conviction from the beginning that the homosexual agenda is not about rights, as homosexuals claim, but about recognition. It's about forcing society to grant its sanction, its approval, its endorsement for their sexually aberrant behavior.

New Jersey offers proof of this thesis, for this simple reason: in the Garden State, same-sex couples who enter into civil unions already have all the legal rights of married couples. If they had been successful, homosexuals wouldn't have gained a single right they do not already possess. What they would have gained is a word: "marriage." They want that word, because they know it represents society's ultimate seal of approval. It's a word we must never give them.