Former Shari'ah law professor weighs in: 35 Shari'ah enclaves in U.S. already
Friday, April 16, 2010 8:25 AM

Yesterday, the Family Research Council hosted an event featuring a former professor of Islamic Shari'ah law, Dr. Sam Solomon. As you will see in yesterday's update, FRC President Tony Perkins's summarizes Solomon's presentation, and it is not a pretty picture. Muslims in the U.S. are working to undermine every one of our cultural institutions as they work toward a goal of Islamic supremacy on our shores. Under Islam, all Christians will be treated as second class citizens, there will be no such thing as pluralism and the guarantees given to us in the First Amendment will be history. Here is Perkins's summary:


The Mosque Exposed


Yesterday a select group of policymakers, government officials, attorneys, and prayer leaders came to FRC to hear Dr. Sam Solomon, a former professor of Islamic Shari'ah law, and Prof. William Wagner of Cooley School of Law in Lansing, Michigan, gave a stirring presentation on the threat imposed by Shari'ah on American public life and our Constitution itself. Dr. Solomon came to Christ after years as an Islamic scholar of Shari'ah. He outlined the key components of Islamic law and described how Islamists are working to establish the supremacy of Islam in socio-economic-political system they encounter. In other words, while Islamists will not mandate conversion of Christians, agnostics, or anyone else, they insist on submission to their legal, economic and religious structures. They are not pluralists. One reasonable estimate is that there are 35 Islamic "enclaves" already in the United States where Shari'ah law is practiced openly to some degree.

Dr. Solomon also noted that "Shari'ah-compliant finance is an economic jihad designed to undermine all (American) institutions." Our Constitution is founded on Judeo-Christian, moral-political principles which include respect for the right of the individual to determine whether or not he will follow God. Such a right is not supported by Islam, which contends that all persons are born "slaves of Allah." A subservient status is given to members of other faiths. Finally, Prof. Wagner noted that the Shari'ah-based governmental institutions--for example, Shari'ah courts as found in Britain--would be clearly incompatible with the establishment clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.