Powerful Democrat defends my position on mosques - who’d a thunk?
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 9:28 AM


By Bryan Fischer 


I have argued that building permits can and should be denied for the building of mosques in American cities because each mosque is a potential or actual recruitment and training center for terrorism against the United States. 


Mosques cannot claim protection under the First Amendment for the simple reason that the agenda of Islam is the total destruction of Western civilization in general and America in particular.  


We aren’t talking here about religion at all, but about the wanton destruction of innocent human life under the color of religion. Hitler talked about God (even though he was heavily steeped in the occult), but it was clearly just a thin cover for a totalitarian agenda. No sane society can afford to allow an ideology like Islam to take root in its midst, as Europe is discovering to its dismay, and the First Amendment provides zero religious protection for murder and mayhem. 


More than 100 verses (109 to be exact) in the Koran call upon Muslims to shed innocent infidel blood, making Islam a barbaric religion of human sacrifice, no better than the religion of the ancient Aztecs who slaughtered their enemies in the most gruesome manner possible and cut beating hearts out of their bodies as a matter of religious duty. 


There may be moderate Muslims, but there is no such thing as moderate Islam. And until we have a foolproof way of knowing when moderate Muslims will suddenly turn devout and start shooting up idolaters, like Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan did, then the risk is simply too great to allow their indoctrination centers to sprout like weeds.  


Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, not a benign religion. It is as racist as the KKK, committed by principle and conviction to the extermination of Israel just because Jews live there. (Hitler, anyone?) Allowing a mosque to be built in town is fundamentally no different than granting a building permit to a KKK cultural center built in honor of some King Kleagle or Exalted Cyclops. 


According to the FBI, a minimum of 10% of America’s 3000 mosques are actively, right now as you are reading these words, preaching jihad against the United States. And that is, according to the FBI agent who made the comment, a “conservative” estimate. So let’s say the figure is roughly 20%, give or take. 


That means, according to our own government, that we have approximately 600 - 600!! - jihadist recruitment and training centers actively operating on sovereign U.S. soil, headed by leaders whose agenda is the extermination of Western civilization and the shedding of infidel blood. 


That means, on average, each state has 12 mosques preaching jihad against the United States this very day. And the other 2400 mosques could be radicalized virtually overnight. We have no way of knowing when a mosque will suddenly begin to take its prophet and its god seriously and start planning to blow us up or cut off our heads, or both. 


This wouldn’t be so bad if we knew which 600 mosques we needed to worry about, but we don’t. I don’t think the FBI keeps a master list available to the public so we can check on the mosque in our neighborhood. 


And the so-called “moderate” Muslims so far have been no help - they won’t rat out the jihadists and jihadist mosques in our midst, so we have no way of knowing which mosques are being turned into cells for terrorist ideology and activity right here in River City. 


That means we must be cautious with them all. All 3000 existing mosques must be infiltrated and monitored, just as we would monitor resurgent KKK clan groups and neo-Nazi cells and just as the FBI did infiltrate and monitor the Christian Hutaree militia. No community should be forced to have one of these improvised explosive devices take root in their city unless they happen to like the idea of moon-worshipers blowing them up. 


Lo and behold, Rep. James Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina who serves as the Majority Whip in the House, agrees with me. Who’d a thunk? 


He said these words yesterday (emphasis mine): 


“When it comes to where and how any structure, any sanctuary should be built, we have what we call in this country community standards and community standards ought to be left up to the communities so the decision on permitting for any building; be it a mosque or a church -- whatever -- be it a place of worship or be it a grocery store or a liquor store, those things are left up to community standards and I think in this instance that’s what the President has made clear.” 


Whoa! A Democrat saying that if a community’s standards don’t allow for a potential terrorist training cell to be built in their city, they don’t have to have one. Exactly my point, Rep. Clyburn, and I thank you for coming to my defense. 


I must say I did not expect to have such a powerful and highly placed advocate for my position, but I welcome Rep. Clyburn to the team opposing the building of jihadist cells in city after city. 


According to a Siena College poll released today, 63% of New York voters oppose the building of the "Timothy McVeigh Memorial Mosque" at Ground Zero, while just 27% support it.  So we know what the “community standards” of New York are on this matter. Count Rep. Clyburn as a firm “No” on the mosque, whether he realizes it or not. 


After all, “community standards” may involve such old-fashioned things as loyalty to America, freedom of religion and freedom of speech, and opposition to such concepts as cutting the heads off infidel Americans, beating wives into submission, and honor killings for daughters who get too Westernized or refuse arranged marriages to old dudes they’ve never even seen. 


If a community’s residents decide these are not the values they want honored in their community, then both Rep. James Clyburn and Bryan Fischer say they have the right to keep mosques from being built in their towns. Bravo, Rep. Clyburn! 


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