Home Depot forces agenda on employees
Friday, February 24, 2012 11:26 AM

Home Depot forces agenda on employees

Company's agenda pushed in break rooms
February 23, 2012

The photo at right was taken inside a Home Depot store break room. In essence, Home Depot is forcing its employees to accept the company's pro-homosexual agenda by allowing large "indoctrination" posters to be placed in areas used by employees.

The material on the poster includes a promotional letter by Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest "gay marriage" advocacy group. It also contains messages that criticize anyone who would speak out against homosexuality, thus silencing any viewpoint other than full acceptance.

By doing so, Home Depot is establishing that it embraces and promotes a pro-homosexual agenda as corporate policy.

Over 600,000 people have signed the pledge to boycott Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in the culture and political war over homosexual marriage

To help promote the boycott, AFA has produced the AFA Pass Along Sheet. Please print copies of this sheet and share them with your neighbors, friends and co-workers. Encourage them to join the boycott of The Home Depot.


1. Pray for Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake to make wise decisions regarding his company's direction.
2. If you have not done so, sign the Boycott Pledge at
3. Call your local Home Depot store and ask to speak to the manager. You can find the number to your local store here (click "Store Finder" at top of page) or in your local phone book.
4. Print the paper petition and distribute it at Sunday school and church.


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