Don’t let Obama take away the right to vote by secret ballot

Your Voice Be Heard Today to Protect this Precious Right

March 2, 2009

In office less than 40 days, President Obama is already working to strip American workers of their right to vote by secret ballot in union elections.
Under a bill being proposed by President Obama, secret ballots are tossed aside and workers are forced to vote in front of intimidating union officials. The bill being pushed by President Obama is deceptively named the "Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)."
The Secret Ballot Protection Act (SBPA, the good bill) would guarantee the American worker's long-held right to vote by secret ballot.  AFA supports American workers and their right to vote via secret ballot when it comes to deciding whether or not to join a union.  Please help us help them.
Enter your ZIP CODE and click "GO" to e-mail your two U.S. senators today in support of the Secret Ballot Protection Act and against the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act.
Please don't allow the Obama administration to take away the right of workers to vote via secret ballot.  And please be sure to forward this to all your friends and family.