7 Eleven to sell Marge Simpson issue of PB magazine

October 15, 2009

7 Eleven stores plan to sell the Marge Simpson edition of Playboy (PB) magazine in 1,200 corporately-owned stores starting on Friday, October 16, 2009. Please click here to read news report.

Marge Simpson, the mother in the Fox cartoon The Simpsons, will be on the front cover of the next issue of PB magazine.

It has been a long time since 7 Eleven sold p*rn*graphic magazines such as PB and Penthouse. 7 Eleven has been known for many years to be free from selling such explicit materials. Many concerned families have patronized 7 Eleven stores in the past over other stores because of the company's position not to sell p*rn*graphic materials.

That could change unless enough concerned citizens like you send emails to encourage officials at 7 Eleven to reconsider their plans to sell p*rn again.

Take Action!

Send an email to encourage numerous officials at 7-Eleven to reconsider their decision to sell PB magazine in 1,200 stores.

If you cannot open the link, copy and paste this URL to your browser - https://secure.afa.net/afa/activism/TakeAction.asp?id=360

AFA Action Alert wishes to thank our friends at Florida Family Association for providing this information to us.