Below are thumbnails of posters being sold on Sears website.  They have been edited to block some nudity. 

If you are absolutely sure you want to see the proof, scroll down this page.











THIRD WARNING:  You are about to view pornographic material sold by the Sears company.  They are very graphic and contain nudity.












/uploadedImages/Activism/sears1.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears2.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears3.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears4.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears5.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears6.bmp /uploadedImages/Activism/sears7.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears8.jpg /uploadedImages/Activism/sears9.jpg 

Sears is content to sell pornography. And, if you are offended, they don't seem to care!

We tried. In fact, we tried more than a half-dozen times to reach out to Sears quietly and professionally. Sears' public relations department has refused to return our calls and emails.

Take Action

Unless Sears hears from you, they will continue to sell offensive posters. Please take a moment to email Sears' public relations director Larry Costello. We have left voice mails on Mr. Costello's cell phone numerous times. He has refused to return them.


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