Tips for Registering Voters in Your Church

What you will need: 

  • Voter Registration Forms – All of the states that require advance registration before voting accept a Voter Registration form, which can be downloaded from the same website link here.
  • Ten percent of church attendance is a good gauge for number of cards to have on hand.
  • Pens 
  • Stamps (unless your state has postage-free mailing for voter registration forms).  Mail the completed forms individually, not in a large envelope all together.  Mail them immediately. 

Who can register? 

  • American citizens (not legal residents who are not yet citizens)
  • Voters who are new to the county (you can only be registered and vote in one place)
  • Voters who have moved, even within the same precinct.
  • Voters who have changed their name through marriage, etc.
  • Youth who will be 18 by Election Day
  • Individuals serving in the military

When should you plan your voter registration drive? 

  • Stand Up! Sunday – Any Sunday (we recommend September 15, 22 or 29) can be a Stand Up! Sunday. The most important thing is to have at least one.
  • Thirty (30) days prior to Election Day is the deadline for Voter Registration Forms to be postmarked in the majority of states.  A few states’ deadline is less than 30 days. 

For the Pastor: 

  • Nonpartisan voter registration is completely legal for pastors and churches. Click here for Liberty Counsel's legal opinion.
  • Make an announcement from the pulpit encouraging the congregation to register to vote.
  • It's best to set up a table at the back of the church, foyer or designated room.  An announcement from the pulpit is optimal.

Important Information

  • You do not need to be deputized (an official registrar) to give out voter registration forms and put them in the mail.   
  • If you are deputized, you are under oath to do things a certain way.  Just receive the cards and put a stamp on each one unless forms in your state are mailed postage free. 
  • It is not necessary to have a copy of your identification to register.  You will need to show your ID the first time you vote in person. 
  • In Texas it is legal to register the following family members:  your spouse, children or parents.  One person can fill out a separate card for any of those family members. 

Encourage your congregation to vote in every election so that their faith and values will influence the leaders who serve in public office.