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August 13, 2012

During the week of August 13-17, American Family Association and Revival Fires International will host the Eleventh annual "Truth For Youth" Week across the nation.

During this vital project, in a very effective and unique evangelism outreach, a "Truth For Youth" Bible (TFY), will be given to all teenagers who commit to give the Bibles to their unsaved friends in school. Get your free Bible here. 

The TFY consists of the New Testament in the God's Word translation, along with 100 pages of powerful full color comic stories that are packed with "absolute truth" regarding issues young people are faced with, such as: Sexual Purity, Homosexuality, Abortion, Pornography, Evolution, Drugs, Drunkenness, Peer Pressure, School Violence, Sorcery, Witchcraft and Secular Rock Music. God's wonderful plan of salvation is incorporated into each of the stories.

Student's Legal Rights on Public School Campuses are displayed on the back cover of the TFY to inform school administrators and young people that they have the right to give Bibles away on campus during non-instructional time.

In the past ten years, a total of more than a half-million copies of TFY have already been distributed to teenagers in an effort to bring salvation to young people and restore religious freedoms in public schools. 

Order your Free Bible now. 

During 'The Truth For Youth" week you can help make reaching the 53.8 million youth in America's public schools with 'the truth" of God's Word, a reality. To receive a free copy of the 'Truth For Youth" to give away in school or to purchase multiple copies you may go to or call 1-800-733-4737. (Limit: One Bible per teenager in each home. Additional copies may be purchased for a special discounted price of only $3.00 each at

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