BREAKING NEWS on Boy Scouts of America

Changing policy will open Pandora's Box of ruin
February 4, 2013

Last week, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said the Boy Scouts of America changing its national policy of allowing open homosexuals into the group "is not good enough."

The fact is, Big Gay is never's never enough for them.

Even if the BSA changes the rule, HRC says it will continue an aggressive campaign to pressure corporations to drop financial support to the scouts because it allows individual scouting units to make their own rules regarding homosexual leaders and members.

Consider, in 1998, the Canadian Scouts (CS) opened its doors to homosexuals. Less than a decade later, the number of boys in scouting dropped by more than 50%. In addition, CS has been forced to sell scores of camps, close offices and lay off staff.

If the Boy Scouts of America changes its policy, it will lose on two fronts. Christian-chartered groups will drop out of scouting and the homosexual machine will continue to attack. 


Before the Boy Scouts make their final decision, it is absolutely vital that they hear from you!

1. If you haven't already, sign the petition to the National Council. AFA will deliver the petition just prior to the executive committee meeting.

2. Contact Wayne Brock, Chief Boy Scouts Executive, at 972-580-2000 or by email 

HELP US! AFA is placing a half-page ad in USA Today today in support of the current policy. Will you help us cover the cost? Text the letters "AFA" to 20222, to give $10 toward the $55,420 for the cost of the ad. See the ad here.

Take Action Now  Sign the petition to the National Council now!