OnMyHonor.Net has announced the creation of a new character development organization for boys. Visit OnMyHonor.Net for the latest exciting information! 

American Family Association does not specifically endorse any organization listed below, but provides this list to assist you in finding alternatives to the Boy Scout of America.

Clubs for boys: 

http://fraternus.net/wp/                       Catholic 

                                                            “To mentor boys into virtuous Catholic men.”

www.csbministries.org                       Christian Service Brigade 

                                                            “To build Godly men of today and tomorrow”

                                                                        Battalion – Ages 12-10

                                                                        Stockade – Ages 8-11

                                                                        Tree Climbers Ages 6 & 7


www.RoyalRangers.com                    Assemblies of God – “Mentoring Future Men”

                                                                        Ranger Kids

                                                                        Discovery Rangers

                                                                        Adventure Rangers

                                                                        Expedition Rangers


www.calvinistcadets.org                    “Men who are sharing the joy and wisdom of Christlike living with boys”

                                                                        Junior Cadets – Grades 1-3

                                                                        Recruits/Pathfinders/Builders – Grades 4 – 6

                                                                        Guide Trails – Grades 7 & 8

                                                                        Voyageurs – High School


www.Conquestclubs.com                 Roman Catholic

www.RoyalAmbassadors.com           Southern Baptist – Grades 1-6


Clubs for boys and girls: 

www.Awana.org                                Gospel, Evangelism, Discipleship - “Equip kids for life”

                                                                        Boys & Girls from 2-High School

                                                                        Trek – Middle School

                                                                        Journey – High School

www.Pioneerclubs.org                        Evangelical Christian Discipleship

www.generationjoshua.org                 HSLDF Christian Civic Activism

www.younglife.org                            Christian Evangelism and Discipleship

www.yfc.net                                     Youth for Christ/Campus Life

www.upward.com                              Christian Sports – K5 through Grade 6

www.fca.org                                     Fellowship of Christian Athletes

www.yvc.org                                     Youth Volunteer – Service Club