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December 19, 2013

Phil RobertsonYou have surely heard by now that A&E has fired Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson for simply declaring biblical truth about marriage and human sexuality.

Declaring God's perspective on God's design for human intimacy has now become a career-ending offense in America.

In the process, the precious constitutional rights of freedom of religion and speech are being trampled.

While Christians are falsely accused by homosexual activists of being haters, the real bigotry and hatred here is coming from those on the left who want to silence every voice that speaks biblical truth in the public square. They hypocritically want the liberty to freely express their own opinions on these matters while squashing opportunity for Christians to voice their own opinions.

The real bullies here are homosexual activists and the victims are people of faith like Phil Robertson who believe, as you and I do, in the truth of God's word and simply want the same freedom they have to openly proclaim and defend our views.


AFA has prepared an open letter of support to Phil Robertson. Let him know you are standing with him.

Sign the letter to Phil now. 

This letter will be sent to Phil Robertson and a copy will be sent to A&E network.  Only your first name and city/state will be included.

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