Businesses sucked-in by homosexual reaction to MS Religious Freedom Restoration Act

  This sticker is being place in windows of Mississippi businesses with the implication that other businesses refuse to serve homosexuals. Ironically this "tolerant" sticker symbolizes a campaign to label Christians as bigots when there is no record of homosexuals being refused service, except when they try to force a Christian business to help celebrate a homosexual wedding. Why they are doing this...
The homosexual lobby is bitter against Governor Bryant's signing of the Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which protects Christian business owners against lawsuits from gay activists. The typical response is to spread their hatred for religious truths by attacking and intimidating Christians. 

We believe that Christian business owners have the inalienable right to obey their conscience and refuse to participate in or provide services for homosexual weddings or any other activity they see as inherently sinful. The businesses listed below display the Equality Mississippi sticker:

This list was taken directly from a pro-homosexual website found at